Thursday, November 30, 2006

Pickles, the drummer, doodleee doodleee doodlee doo

A couple additional notes:

-Mark Hamill contributes voices on Metalocolypse.
-My favorite characters in Ultimate Alliance are Deadpool (favoritest comic character ever), Blade, Human Torch and Thor.

I'm reading Runaways right now since there have been three new volumes since I last picked up the series and my brother lent them to me. It's a fun read despite the fact that it is meant for teenagers or even younger. There is something really innocent about the book but at the same time Vaughan just writes kids really well. Hard to imagine that it's written by the same guy who does Ex Machina and Y: The Last Man.

Might be the last I-Bar Thursday for a while tonight. Say a prayer for the death of an era.

I have an idea for an article I want to write. It may be posted here soon. I will post another article I wrote a while back for my other (now dead, you can pray for that too while your at it, Captain Praysalot) website on here sometime next week. In English, that's called foreshadowing. It's done to build suspense and sometimes to just serve as filler and stretch out the length of a tretise because the author ran out of ideas but wants to seem smarter so he will elaborate on subjects that really don't need any more explanation. He may also start using excessively elaborate diction like zaftig and fecundate, as in "All my female friends are totally zaftig and I would totally fecundate every last one of them."

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Megan said...

What is it called in German?

Also, I pray for I-Bar every night, always.